"Private salmon stream on historical homestead. Family friendly. No bears. "

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Explore off-the-grid living, and living-off-the-land; Alaska Style.  Explore the historic homestead on Kalgin island.  Fabulous beach cook-outs included.


Enjoy fishing on the private homestead, Family Friendly, No Crowds, No Bears


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Kalgin Island is an excellent location to photograph eagles fishing, foxes, spawning salmon, seals, and sea birds, but there are NO BEARS on Kalgin Island, so relax by a beach fire or smoke your fish comfortably at the top of the food chain.

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We try to eat only GMO-free foods.  That means that we don’t go out to...


In Alaska, there is an abundance of wild foods, that people don’t know about, or...


Halibut is so delicious to eat, it is almost like a lobster if it is...

Salmon in the creek

  What an attraction!  Real wonder of nature! This is how it looks when salmon is...


Its nice to sit back by the bonfire. Have a beer or a cigar and watch eagles catch salmon...

Mountain Views

Get ready to focus your cameras!  There are 2 volcanoes: Redoubt and Illiamna, that you...

Wild Animals

Our neighbors include: eagles, foxes, seals, salmon and moose, but there are no bears on...