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In Alaska, there is an abundance of wild foods, that people don’t know about, or don’t use it, because they think they don’t have time for it, or they are kind of trying to use it, but also waste big part of it.

What i mean by people don’t know about it, is that at this age in history, many generations already grow up on store bought foods, when they never grown a garden, or raised a cow. It is still in tradition for people to be around animals to raise them, but only for entertainment, such as dogs and cats, etc, or to grow house plants, only for the beauty of it. It is not a necessity.

Some people know about hunting or fishing, but don’t manage their schedule to make time for this activity, they thinks its very time consuming for preparations of meal. Unless its an entertainment to hunt or fish, then they can organize their schedule and it seems somewhat less wasting time.

Then they take an effort for such an activity and end up with a lot of food, but then again they only take a small part of it and the rest goes to waste. Like, when they fish,the file is only taken to the freezer or a skillet, the rest goes to eagles or seagulls or even the worst, to garbage disposal. Same is with moose or deer, they take muscle meat the rest goes. How about bones, fish or moose, why not make a broth, very dense in nutrition, or why not use livers, moose or salmon, also super nutrient dense organ to eat. The salmon eggs are very expensive delicacy in many parts of the world, its called caviar.

In Alaska not only animal kingdom is still abundant, the wild plants almost are not harvested at all. Very few take time and pick lingonberries, cranberries, salmonberries, raspberries, blueberries, definitely not enough for the rest of winter, why?

No reason to spend time in the forest in fresh air, listening of birds, wind and ocean sing, no reason to enjoy the natures gift of not pestisized, fertilized, modified organic, delicious berries.

They rather drive in the car listening to some junk music with meaningless lyrics, and get the blueberries grown in some poisoned land.

Same goes with herbs and teas. There is such a variety of nutritious and delicious herbal teas; limitless amount of horsetails, so full of natural silica beneficial for joints, nails and hair. The meadows a full of white clover, dandelion, yarrow, elderberry flowers. What a delight to a mix in the cup of your own picked and carried fragile leaves, or bright green or yellow colors with the amazing aromas of memories of summer.

Thats not all, there are also wild veggies there, if one takes tike to care. In the early spring in the forest the fiddle ferns shooting in millions. Organic, delicious, healthy and free. Behind the fences, on the edges of forests or meadows plentiful of nettles are thriving. The taste little resembles spinach, but more flavorful and not even comparable on nutritional scale. Fiddle ferns and nettles are excellent side dish for salmon meal.

In Alaska, as well in many other places there are still a lot of wild plants to forage and enjoy without concern of distinction the species. Only takes to stop from daily running and spinning and looking around in the nature.


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