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We make and eat a lot of caviar. We make caviar from salmon and its called red caviar. Black caviar is from sturgeon, we do not have sturgeons in Alaska. The nutritional value of black and red caviar is very similar, black caviar is more expensive, because there are fewer sturgeons in the world than salmon.

Caviar is  a super food, its the  highest grade of protein in existence.  By volume, caviar is 30% of protein, 15% of polyunsaturated fats, and 55% water.  It has no carbohydrates.  It is loaded with vitamin A, D, E B12, phosphorus, iodine,and  folic acid.  100gr of caviar only contains about 260 Cal.  Every single calorie is beneficial to health, there is not even one empty calorie in caviar.

Many people who say that they don’t like caviar don’t know how to eat it.  Caviar is not a dish by itself, its  a condiment. There are many ways to eat it;  with boiled eggs or omelets, on slice of bread, crackers,  or on vegetables.   It is excellent on slices of cucumber or tomato,  anything that requires salt.  Also, it is traditional in Eastern Europe to eat pancakes with caviar and sour cream. It pairs beautifully with champagne, white wine or vodka.

You can impress your friends with a caviar and champagne party!

Here are a few pictures how we like caviar

Bon appetite!