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We try to eat only GMO-free foods.  That means that we don’t go out to restaurants, and that we don’t use highly processed ingredients in our cooking.  We’ve been doing well at this, but it is nearly impossible to be 100% GMO-free, there are traps everywhere, especially on the holidays.  When my friend offered me a Christmas cooky, I just ate it, without telling her that her choice of ingredients sucks.  But most weeks, I eat zero GMO.

Going to the grocery store nowadays it is like going hunting or foraging in a quest to find real food. We read labels on every item we buy, but unfortunately the laws don’t require that GMO foods are labeled.

not oilsWe do not use Canola, Soy, Vegetable oils, Margarine, Crisco, Pam, “Smart Balance” or any other artificial and hydrogenated fats.  Also, we do not use fat-free products.  The point is to eat high quality natural dietary fats.  Eat fat to lose fat.  It is only natural dietary fats that satisfy hunger to prevent over eating.

FatsWe use butter, coconut oil, olive oil, bacon lard.

No sugarWe do not use any products that has corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, white sugar or any artificial sweeteners. If on sugar’s label it does not say “pure cane evaporated sugar” then it is most likely sugar made from GM beetroot. Nor do we use any sugar-free artificial sweeteners.  Consequently, the grocery store is very small.  There are entire aisles where there is nothing stocked that meets our definition of food.

sugarWe use organic cane evaporated sugar, honey, maple syrup, pure stevia (without maltdextrose), but we use them judiciously.

chocolateWe also do not use any soy lecithin; that means no chocolate bought from stores and it is in many other products, such as packaged herbal teas.  That is why we collect our own teas from the forest.

We grind our own flour from wheat berries or we make almond flour. I understand that wheat can be sprayed or fertilized without labeling. However, milled flour from the store has its natural nutrients stripped out, then unnatural nutrients are added back, together with bromide and other preservatives.  By grinding our own flour we evade a lot of that.  In addition, we usually ferment dough to reduce gluten levels.

flour grind

We have a cow share and use raw milk to make cream, sour cream, buttermilk, whey, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.  so we are not eating products from a cow who is a drug addict.

raw milk

Further, we never drink water that has been fluoridated. Trying to avoid all avenues of poisoning that a real effort and attention to detail.

mountain water

At first glance, it may seem like it takes more time and cost to eat this way, but after you learn the ropes, it doesn’t.  Actually, you save money, because while some ingredients cost more, other ingredients are less processed and therefore less expensive, and because its nearly impossible to find a GMO free restaurant, you’ll nearly never eat out. Taking into consideration  medical cost, time spent at doctors, and  to be feeling unwell, we believe it worth the effort to prepare our own foods.  Also, I observed that removing the junk from my diet resulted in better emotional stability and a more positive state of mind.  Really, if I am poisoning my body, and if that’s affecting my mind, how do I know if my decisions are valid?

Eating purposefully is not only about health, it is about the freedom to take control of my state of mind so that I can be a positive, happy, and effective human being.  Most of my life I took more care for the quality of fuel that I put into my boat and car then I did the quality of food I put into my body and mind.  I’ve been living this way for eight months now.   Its better.

What life style changes have you adopted that have improved your life?







  1. Along with most of the awesome comments you mentioned above, our family eat kosher to the best of our ability here in central Alaska. This means that we do not eat pork, shelled fish, and other animals mentioned in the Bible. Since eating this way, it has been a blessing both spiritually and naturally. Thank you for your post, it has a lot of valuable information in it.

  2. I didn’t know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

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