Homemade Lard

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Before you read this post, please read the disclaimer on the bottom of the page.

Cooking oils  at the grocery stores are toxic. They are usually named as cooking oils, like soybean oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, margarine, shortening, lard (not the same as mine, look at the label, should be just one ingredient only “suet”), or any other kind of hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated oils are harmful to your health. Why? Research yourself until I write another post why, this is about how-to.

Since there is no real lard at the stores, so I am making my own. It is very simple and its a big $ saver. I buy 2lb of beef or pork suet at the local butcher shop, usually it is frozen, when I get home I wait an hour or so to soften up a little bit, but it has to be still a little froze, so it is easier to grind or to chop. Chopping takes time and effort, if you don’t have a machine to grind then you should keep suet in the fridge while chopping and take a few pieces at the time to keep the rest hard.


I grind mine in Thermomix, it takes 4 batches at speed 8, 7-10sec. Then I put all grinned suet into a pot and start heating on medium-high, when it starts melting I lower the heat. Stir once in a while.


When the pieces of suet are melted down to little crisp bits, then the lard is ready. It takes about 2 hours.


Then I strain it trough a cheese cloth bag. Lard goes to a jar, it makes 1quart and a half. The crisp bits goes to another jar or bowl.
Usually, I use crisp bits for salad toppings, on omelets. Or my favorite is to use those in mashed potatoes, yumm and it reminds me of my childhood :). Sorry, always forget to take a picture , next time, I promise 🙂

The jar of lard I keep it in the fridge, but you don’t have to, and it last a few month for me.



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