Alaska Island Retreat is an ideal location for groups to get away from the crowds and catch fish.  The camp is on a historic homestead, on the beach, where the fish enter the creek from the ocean.  You can watch eagles swooping in on salmon from the breakfast table, and you can swoop in on a few yourself.  From the sauna bench you can see salmon swimming up the creek!  Also, there are no bears on the island, so its a great place to relax beside a beach fire, and explore.  We are family friendly.  We are a small lodge and we serve one small group at a time.   Price is negotiable depending on time of year and services desired.  Call David 907 598 9035.

The season starts on May 15:  Between May 15 and the end of May there can be excellent King Salmon fishing opportunities in the ocean.  These are King Salmon that are heading toward the west side streams, and they are commonly between 15 and 35 pounds.

In June and July:  In June, sockeye salmon start entering the creek.  In the middle of June there are spectacular displays of eagles fishing.  And, throughout this period, there are plenty of fish to catch from the creek for the smokehouse or freezers.  Also, if you have an interest, you can experience a traditional commercial salmon fishing camp.  Packers Lake is an hour’s hike away.  There is a 20 ft skiff on the lake and its interesting to journey to the far side to watch the salmon spawning or eagle’s nesting.  Or fish for native Rainbow.   Kids love to play on the beach and explore the tide-line.  When the weather is favorable, halibut can be caught in shallow waters.

In August, September: Until Aug. 20, the dominant fish entering the creek is sockeye, but afterward, beautiful silver salmon predominate. This is a popular time for foodies because the garden is ready, the berries are ripe, and the herbal teas matured.  On August 20, there is a limited opportunity to hunt a moose, and ducks and geese generally begin frequenting the Island during the later part of September and continue into October.

Packages usually include food, (unless a group negotiates otherwise(, and the food is always designed to be delicious and healthy.  Sometimes some wine is offered with dinner, but guest should bring the type and quantity of alcohol that they want to consume, keeping in mind that this is not a favorable destination for binge drinking.  Alaska Island Retreat is not a high volume touristy destination.  We serve between 4 and 12 guests at a time.  Package rates can be negotiated. Call David: 907-598-9035