Thermomix TM31

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I finally bought a Thermomix.

What is it and what does it do?

Where did I get it?

What do I think of it?


The German company that makes the Thermomix claims it is the smartest kitchen machine in the world. It chops, grinds, blends, crushes ice, kneads dough, cooks, sautes, steams, and weighs ingredients precisely.

They sell it all over the world, everywhere  except the USA. Can you believe it? Well, that’s the reality.  I bought mine from Canada, but it wasn’t easy, and they later stopped shipping to the US altogether. So, if you are in America and really want a Thermomix, you’ll have to go to a foreign country, buy it, and then pay custom duties.  So much for internationalism and free trade, if its not a piece of junk made in China, they don’t want you to have it.  I love my Thermomix and if I ever need another, I will figure out a way.

I use it every day. I’m not a chef, all the cooking I learned on my own, from cookbooks, and from the internet. There are a lot of sources. And now its my turn to show you what I have made.  How about  homemade ice creams.  Yum!  This is chocolate with coconut sprinkled on  top.  Blueberry ice cream was even better, but photographically, I couldn’t find the right light to show it.

Ch icecream

Its so easy and super delicious. And the most important its without antifreeze, yes if you never heard it, they do put some anti freeze chemical to ice creams at the store, so it doesn’t freeze rock hard.

I also love lemon tarts, but don’t want to buy from the store with all kind of additives. To make lemon tart was easy and it came out very good.

lem tart

I grind my own flour, it takes less than a minute.

flour in tmx

It grind not only flours, but meat too. When I make my own lard I grind suet in Thermomix. Takes less than a minute to grind 2lb. of suet.


I made pizza, the dough kneaded in Thermomix and the tomato sauce cooked in Thermomix also.


Home made hummus. Delicious


 French puree soups are excellent and it only takes 30min to make, everything in one bowl, no need to wash a bunch of dishes, chops, sautes, weighs, cooks, purees, everything happen inside the Thermomix.

spinach soup

Whip cream or egg whites in a few minutes.

whiping whites

I even made macaroons, but I still need to work on presentation. The taste was excellent.


I cook without GMOs, and don’t buy anything with corn, soy or canola.Made my own ketchup, even though we don’t eat that much anyway, but I made it as a gift for my friend. She said it was super duper delicious.


It is a challenge to find chocolate at the store, that doesn’t have soy lecithin, so I make my own with real ingredients in Thermomix.


I love cooking and Thermomix make it much easier for me!

Do you have one? Would you like to have one? What do you think about Thermomix?





  1. Love, love, LOVE my Thermomix! Great to see your blog post. Yes, Thermomix makes it easy to cook healthy home-made everything! Love your photo of the egg whites, btw. I am in British Columbia, Canada so we are almost neighbors 😉

  2. Thank you, Helene! I learned a LOT from your site!

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