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2018 Schedule – Alaska Island Retreat

Pricing includes meals, lodging, and activities, price does not include transportation to Kalgin Island or adult beverages.

This schedule is a basis for negotiation, depending on dates and amount of guests
The agreement will be expressed in another signed writing.

May 17 – May 30:  King salmon are migrating along the shores of Kalgin Island, and fishing can be excellent, however, if the wind blows and the waters boil, then on those days there is not good fishing opportunity.  Therefore, pricing is variable; that is, $400 on fishable days, and $200 when the conditions disappoint.

May 31 – June 12:  Sockeye are coming up the salmon stream, and this is a great time of year for collecting herbs and photographing eagle that are fishing the creek.  This period of time is ideal for family groups.

June 21 – June 24:  Gdaiva’s Nutritional Bootcamp:  $900
Gdaiva is hosting a nutritional bootcamp, exploring the culinary arts of foraging and fishing, designed for women. Camp friendly dogs and kids are welcome too, and you can tag a man along!  The emphasis is harmony, not conquest.
Boot Campers will get to gather their sustenance and ingredients.
They will leave with a treasure chest of nutritional goodies for reminiscing.
You will learn the hows and whys of nose to tail eating; making caviar, salmon liver pate, collagen rich delicious broths, fermented lemon ceviche, varieties of smoked salmon, and how to cook fresh salmon fillets deliciously with beach wood.
There will be herbal walks, sauna parties, barefoot beach yoga, and fishing outings.

June 21 – July 1:  Solstice Celebration:  An excellent time to hang out with your friends and family on Kalgin Island.  Sockeye salmon are in.  When the weather allows, you can experience some traditional hand pull net fishing, and we have the licenses that allow you to get some of the fish for the smokehouse!  There is also limited opportunities for halibut.  Call us, and let us design and experience and price that fits your group!

July 2 – July 5:  Fourth of July Weekend:  On popular weekends, you will be amazed at how remote and peaceful Kalgin Island is when everywhere else is being swarmed.

July 6 – July 10:  Five day fishing camp for single parents and their kids.  Parents or grandparents $1000, kids $500, dogs $100.  This is not a program, it is just hanging out on the beach and doing some fishing, but this time is steeply discounted in the hopes that some children who otherwise couldn’t do something like this might be able to.

July 11 – July 17:  Military appreciation week:  Discounted rates for servicemen and their families.  Booyah! $200 a day, children $100, dogs $25.

July 18 – August 12:   The peak of the season:  $300 per day, 3 day minimum stay, groups of 4 or more.

Aug 13 – Aug 19:  Still sockeye for creek fishing and Silvers in the Ocean.  There can be limited halibut fishing, lake fishing for native rainbows.

Aug 20 – Sept 5:  Moose season.  We do not guide moose hunts, however, a group that books the lodge for a fishing trip may hunt a moose.  This invitation is restricted to one moose per group.

Sept 5 – Sept 12:  Gdaiva’s Nutritional Bootcamp.  Silver salmon and blueberries.  $900

Sept 12 – Sept 20:  Moose season ends Sept 20, silvers, and ducks and geese starting.

Sept 20 – Oct 20:  Experience Kalgin Island Duck and Goose hunting, silvers.  Limited to two groups.  By this time of the year, I will need some downtime.

Call: 907-598-9035